Listen to CupcakKe’s new single ‘Elephant’

Her fourth track so far this year

Listen to CupcakKe’s fierce new song, ‘Discounts’

The latest track follows on from 'Lemon Pepper' released earlier this month

Music and film community support fund to assist protesters following death of George Floyd

Hundreds have taken to the streets following the death of George Floyd

CupcakKe announces she’s quitting music: “I feel like I’m corrupting the youth”

CupcakKe has announced she is quitting music, saying she feels like she's "corrupting the youth".  The rapper spent the weekend posting inflammatory tweets, including sub-tweets...

Cupcakke releases new single ‘Squidward Nose’

Cupcakke has returned with new single 'Squidward Noise' – and it's about as far away from Spongebob Squarepants as you'd probably expect. The new offering...

“I’m getting the help I need”: Cupcakke responds after suicidal tweet sparked concern

US rapper Cupcakke has spoken out for the first time since telling Twitter followers that she was going to take her own life. The 21-year-old...

Rapper Cupcakke reportedly taken to hospital after posting suicidal message on Twitter

US rapper Cupcakke has reportedly been taken to hospital after telling fans that she was about to commit suicide. The 'Quiz' star sparked concern on...