Dan Sartain

Dan Sartain – ‘Dudesblood’

One question springs to mind when listening to Dan Sartain’s new record – why does the quintessentially American, Alabama-native rockabilly aficionado have a song...

Dan Sartain – ‘Too Tough To Live’

Thing is about Dan Sartain is, it’s all so focused on being ‘cool’. He looks cool in the most orthodox Rebel Without A Cause...

Dan Sartain to release 19 minute long album

The 13 track 'Too Tough To Live' is out January 30, 2012

Album review: Dan Sartain – ‘Dan Sartain Lives’ (One Little Indian)

Twiddling his John Waters-esque pencil ’tache in the face of Sailor Jerry-sipping, cherry hairclip-sporting fake rockabilly, Dan Sartain is still your go-to man for...

Dan Sartain announces UK and Ireland tour – ticket news

The singer will release his new album this May

Dan Sartain announces new album details

He also announces a UK gig for this June

Dan Sartain plays tiny London gig

US garage-rocker hits the UK capital - with guitar tech in tow

Dan Sartain

Mr Rockabilly pulls off another delicious slice of acousto rock. We imagine he wrote this when he was either surfing over some gnarly waves...

Dan Sartain: Replacement Man

Since Johnny Cash sailed off to heaven to scoff baked beans from tin cups with John Wayne, we’ve been waiting for the next musical...

Dan Sartain: The Harrison, King’s Cross, London: Sunday March 5

Did you guys not get the memo?” drawls the bastard child of Bruce Lee and Johnny Cash, Alabama’s very own pint-sized rock’n’roll dervish, Dan...