Dave Mustaine

Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine goes on anti-mask rant at New Jersey concert

"We're not yelling at people, 'Wear your fucking mask'"

Dave Mustaine doesn’t think Metallica “could have survived” with him in the band

“There was destined to be some kind of an explosion at some point,” the Megadeth frontman said

Megadeth enlist former bassist as replacement for David Ellefson

The band begin an extensive tour with Lamb Of God next month

Megadeth’s David Ellefson praises “tireless warrior” Dave Mustaine

"I think that's a big part of the Megadeth story"

Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine partners with Gibson for new guitar line

Including at least three electric guitars and one acoustic guitar

Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine says Bruce Dickinson gave him advice following cancer diagnosis

The vocalist was diagnosed with throat cancer in June 2019