Dead Kennedys

Jello Biafra pays tribute to “unforgettable” Dead Kennedys drummer D.H. Peligro

"I feel like I’ve been hit by a train," Biafra wrote

D.H. Peligro, drummer for Dead Kennedys and Red Hot Chili Peppers, dies aged 63

In a statement announcing the news, Dead Kennedys revealed that the drummer died "from trauma to the head caused by an accidental fall"

66 killer songs for your Halloween playlist

A frighteningly good set of super spooky tunes to fulfil all your Halloween listening needs

Dead Kennedys turn down offer to reunite

Dead Kennedys have turned down an opportunity to reunite, after Riot Fest asked the band to get back together. The band initially broke up in...

Spotify forced to pull punk cover over binge drinking fears

Lounge cover of Dead Kennedy's 'Too Drunk To Fuck' had attracted complaints from pressure groups

Dead Kennedys pull out of Los Angeles show

The band cancel performance due to ‘political reasons’


And they couldn't leave out Scunthorpe...


A court in San Francisco has judged that the singer owes his former bandmates around $220,000 in unpaid royalties...