DJ Khaled

Parody Facebook group spreads photo that claims DJ Khaled is the leader of ISIS

A meme created by a parody Facebook group that claims DJ Khaled is "the leader of ISIS" has been shared nearly 42,000 times on...

Watch DJ Khaled Snapchat his son’s birth

DJ Khaled documented his fiancé giving birth to their newborn son via Snapchat at the weekend. The rap producer is well known for his love...

DJ Khaled says he wants to Snapchat the birth of his son

Khaled is currently opening for Beyoncé on her Formation tour

Belize has named an island after DJ Khaled

The inspirational figure clearly has some fans in the Central American country

DJ Khaled was a principal for a day at a Miami school

The city also declared today (January 20) DJ Khaled Day

DJ Khaled ‘scared shitless’ after getting lost at sea on a jet ski: ‘water turns black at night’

Producer documented the entire incident on Snapchat earlier this week

DJ Khaled Feat. Drake, Rick Ross & Lil Wayne – ‘No New Friends’

This moody, charmless, midtempo jam belongs to a very specific subgenre: misanthropic hip-hop. The gist of the song is: these guys have all the...