Elisabeth Moss

‘Mad Men’ creator “disappointed” that HBO didn’t even read the pilot

The pitch for the show was "snubbed" by the network's president at the time

Elisabeth Moss cried after Jon Hamm improvised iconic ‘Mad Men’ scene

"That’s actually real tears, which you know, hate to break it to you, but often we’re faking it"

Elisabeth Moss says Scientology is “misunderstood”

"I’ve certainly been guilty of reading an article or watching something and taking that as gospel"

Elisabeth Moss will play a ‘maniacally destructive punk rock star’ in her next film

Elisabeth Moss looks set to continue her rebellious role streak in upcoming film, 'Her Smell'. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Moss will play Becky Something,...

Could there be 10 seasons of ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’?

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Elisabeth Moss takes to Instagram to defend the Church of Scientology

Elisabeth Moss has responded to a fan's comment on Instagram that criticised Scientology, a religion the actress has been a part of since birth. The...