Errors stream new album ‘Lease Of Life’ – listen

Band tour the UK later this month

Errors – ‘Have Some Faith In Magic’

Errors’ 2010 album ‘Come Down With Me’ proved even the boldest of bands aren’t immune from coming unstuck the second time round. They gamely...

Album Review: Errors – ‘Come Dine With Me’ (Rock Action)

For every Kissy Sellout or Drums Of Death giving electro a bad name, for every po-faced post-rock meanderer that thinks they’re God’s gift just...

Errors announce new album and UK tour details

Scottish band to release 'Come Down With Me' and hit the road in February


Glasgow’s Errors are a deceptively cheery bunch. Despite being constantly namechecked alongside fellow Scots Mogwai there’s not a dour look or delay pedal in...