Explosions In The Sky

Explosions In The Sky release hypnotic new single ‘Flying’

It’s the band’s second cut from a soundtrack they’ve made for a nature documentary about Texas

Explosions In The Sky announce new soundtrack album, share ‘Climbing Bear’

The band will add music to upcoming nature documentary 'Big Bend: The Wild Frontier Of Texas'

From ‘The OC’ to ‘One Tree Hill’: the naff noughties shows with improbably cool soundtracks

A tribute to the sublime songs of 'Sons of Anarchy', 'Friday Night Lights', 'Gilmore Girls' and more

The bands shaping the future of heavy music

Few groups come as burdened by stereotype as the metalhead. From long, scraggly hair, beards and dirty denim, to  back-patches and boozing, they’re a...

Explosions In The Night Sky & Steve Jablonsky – ‘Lone Survivor OST’

The instrumental soundtrack to new Mark Wahlberg war film Lone Survivor is a meeting of the stormy atmospherics of Explosions In The Sky (arguably...

Explosions In The Sky & David Wingo – ‘Prince Avalanche OST’

Prince Avalanche is a US remake of a recent Icelandic film, in which nothing much happens to two road-marking painters. It’s a vehicle for...

Explosions In The Sky to score new Al Pacino film

The post-rockers will provide the soundtrack to the David Gordon Green-helmed 'Manglehorn'

Explosions In The Sky to play exclusive show in London cinema – ticket details

The performance will be preceded by a screening of 1999 indie documentary 'American Movie'

Explosions In The Sky announce UK tour for 2012

The group will play five shows on these shores in January next year