Fountains of Wayne guitarist for solo career

Jody Porter's first solo album out next month

Fountains Of Wayne

Too cool for a proper, full-on indie pop tune? Y’know, one of them with winey Yankoid singing on it by a guy in glasses,...

Fountains Of Wayne

You know Fountains Of Wayne, right? Creepy old alterna-rock dudes writing songs about 13-year-olds fancying their best friend’s “mom”, like Busted if they’d been...

Fountains Of Wayne to release instore session

New York performance is due out in a month

Fountains Of Wayne provide material for rom-com

New Drew Barrymore flick features original songs

Fountains Of Wayne ready new album

'Traffic And Weather' will feature a special guest


’Out-Of-States Plates’ is due out in July…