Freddie Gibbs

Listen to The Avalanches’ new song with Freddie Gibbs

The Avalanches have shared two separate versions of 'Bad Day', a previously unreleased track featuring rapper Freddie Gibbs. The band described one version as the...

Freddie Gibbs has been charged with sexual assault

The rapper was recently extradited to Austria to face trial

Freddie Gibbs extradited to Austria on rape charges

The rapper was arrested in Toulouse earlier this year

Rapper Freddie Gibbs is facing extradition to Austria over rape allegations

Gibbs has consistently denied the claims made against him, which stem back to 2015.

Freddie Gibbs granted bail in rape case

The rapper had been held in France over the charges

Freddie Gibbs to remain in jail on rape charge as extradition decision is delayed

Rapper denies rape allegations stemming back to 2015

Freddie Gibbs has been arrested in France on alleged rape charges

The US rapper was due to play a gig in Toulouse

Freddie Gibbs – ‘Shadow Of A Doubt’

On November 4 2014, someone tried to shoot Indiana rapper Freddie Gibbs while he was sitting in his car outside the Rough Trade record...

Freddie Gibbs targeted in shooting at Rough Trade NYC

Two members of the rapper's entourage suffered injuries

Freddie Gibbs & Madlib – ‘Pinata’

The combination of Freddie Gibbs and Madlib – knuckleheaded rap thug and sophisticated, jazz-loving producer – may sound unlikely on paper. On record, though,...