Gossip’s Beth Ditto reveals plans to marry and start a family

Singer also reflects on dark past depicted in autobiography 'Coal To Diamonds'

Gossip – ‘Move In The Right Direction’

The Beth Ditto that once graced NME’s cover – edgy, naked, brilliant – would have fucking hated this. From the blindingly boring tropes about...

Gossip’s Beth Ditto: ‘So many albums are made up of just singles and filler’

Singer insists she and her bandmates made 'an album of songs'


We’ve heard of bands playing ‘intimate’ dates, but this is ridiculous. “How many people can you get in here anyway?” Beth Ditto giggles, getting...

Gossip – ‘A Joyful Noise’

"I did not produce the gossip album I did not produce the gossip album I did not produce the gossip album…” As tweets go,...

Gossip’s Beth Ditto: ‘Adele is beautiful’

"She gives me chills," says 'Perfect World' singer

Gossip’s Beth Ditto: ‘Lady Gaga’s music is for five-year-olds’

Singer reckons 'Born This Way' star will be an icon to whippersnappers

Gossip – ‘Perfect World’

Beth Ditto does Bonnie Tyler. Christ alive, is the world ready for such an Earth-realigning moment? Close your eyes, grab your fists and find...

Gossip’s Beth Ditto: ‘I’m infatuated with Abba’

'Perfect World' singer reveals Abba influence on new album

Gossip premiere video for new single ‘Perfect World’ – watch

Beth Ditto and co take over a church for the promo…