Grandmaster Flash

Ted Nugent on his Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame snub: “I don’t need it”

He's also doubled down on his criticism of some of the recent inductees

Ted Nugent blasts Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame for inducting Grandmaster Flash, Madonna and more

"Grandmaster Flash?! Really?! Why don't we go down to Chuck Berry's grave and piss on it!!!"

Grandmaster Flash says that Dr. Dre’s new album “will change the game”

The DJ said that he was personally invited to hear the project at Dre's house

Duke Bootee, producer and co-writer of Grandmaster Flash’s ‘The Message’, has died

The man who helped craft one of hip hop's most influential tracks - and so much more

Grandmaster Flash: “Hip-hop has always had a misunderstood beginning”

They were the first rap lyrics to be featured on a Number One song. And while they played a part in Blondie’s ‘Rapture’ topping...

Grandmaster Flash rapper charged with murder of a homeless man

Nathaniel Glover of Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five has been charged with fatally stabbing a homeless man in New York. The rapper, 57, went...

Grandmaster Flash accidentally tagged in Facebook updates by grandmas

'Respect Grandma and Grandpa,' says the hip-hop legend

Grandmaster Flash cancels London show

Legendary hip hop DJ's show at Matter pulled

Grandmaster Flash to release first album in over 20 years

The album features guests appearances from Q-Tip and Busta Rhymes