Grimes announces she’s pregnant with her first child

She broke the news on Instagram

Mark My Words: my new-decade predictions for the ‘Gasping ’20s’

The 2020s won't be 'roaring', says columnist Mark Beaumont – they'll be choked by ringtone pop and Adele
Grimes and Lil Uzi Vert

Grimes and Lil Uzi Vert almost made a record together

Uzi, please check your emails.
Grimes performing live

Grimes reveals surreal new track, ‘My Name is Dark’

Here's a new one from Grimes
Holly Herndon, Grimes and Zola Jesus

Holly Herndon has called on Grimes and Zola Jesus to make peace over AI...

Pair got into a spat over the future of music last week

Grimes responds after Zola Jesus calls her “the voice of Silicon fascist privilege”

"Technology has always changed the way we make/ consume music and it’s not going to stop here"
Grimes: "I think live music is going to be obsolete soon"

Grimes: “I think live music is going to be obsolete soon”

She also spoke about the end of human-made art.

Grimes’ ‘So Heavy I Fell Through The Earth’ is an otherworldly meander through the...

The latest taste of 'Miss Anthropocene' is heavier and denser, but still weirdly beautiful