Grimes says she staged ‘Karl Marx’ photo to trick paparazzi following her

"I tried [to] think what I could do that would yield the most Onion-ish possible headline"

Grimes, Lil Nas X and more to release TikTok NFTs

The NFTs will be auctioned throughout October

Grimes shares her brand new song ‘Love’ on Instagram

"Every night I tell myself I’d rather die than heed your rage"

Grimes jokes about building a “lesbian space commune” following Elon Musk split

She wants to “colonise Mars” and one of Jupiter’s moons

Grimes and Elon Musk have “semi-separated but still love each other”

"[We] see each other frequently and are on great terms"

Grimes says she is finishing her new album, calls it “by far my greatest work”

In a new interview, Grimes also said her child X Æ A-12 calls her by her first name Claire

Grimes says her Met Gala mask was inspired by ‘Dune’

“Americans worked on the movie so it sort of fits the theme"

Grimes appears in trailer for upcoming avatar talent show ‘Alter Ego’

The singer is one of the new show's hosts alongside, Alanis Morissette and Nick Lachey