Hadouken! face their public at Carling Weekend Leeds

Band talk computer games and groupies at NME Q&A Session

Hadouken! play virtual festival

James Smith's grime-rave troupe perform at Second Life bash

Hadouken!: Academy 2, Newcastle, Saturday June 2

If you hate Hadouken!, it probably means you spent your youth as a child soldier in Uganda, or did something else that charred your...

Hadouken! Announce autumn tour

Band also release new single


We thought we gave someone a call about this, but nothing has been done about it, so once again, can someone please inform the...

Hadouken! reveal backstage secrets

The involve planes and Bloc Party karaoke

Hadouken! announce new live dates

Coinciding with their latest single release

Hadouken! announce tour

Following Camden Crawl appearance


Crash! Pow! Like the speech bubbles in a particularly violent episode of Batman coming to life, ‘That Boy That Girl’ is the wonderfully grimey...