Yungblud praises Halsey’s involvement in George Floyd protest: “You were so brave and inspirational”

Halsey says she was hit by a rubber bullet during a Los Angeles protest this weekend

Halsey hit by rubber bullet at George Floyd protest

"They fired rubber bullets at us. We did not breach the line. Hands were up. Unmoving. And they gassed and fired"

Music and film community support fund to assist protesters following death of George Floyd

Hundreds have taken to the streets following the death of George Floyd

Halsey hits back at trolls after revealing she’s studying for the bar exam

The singer recently told fans that she is currently studying constitutional law

Halsey opens up on mental health struggles in new video series

The star was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in her teens

Halsey backs Bernie Sanders’ bid to become US President

“Bernie has been fighting for me since before I was alive"

Halsey wants to make whole album in the style of ‘Experiment On Me’

"Should I start a side project or just say fuck it?"