Here’s what Hard-Fi played at their first gig in eight years last night

The reforming band are due to perform in Manchester and London

Hard-Fi to play intimate warm-up show before big reunion gigs

The reforming band will perform in Milton Keynes later this month

Hard-Fi announce Manchester reunion show for next month

The band will return to the stage in the autumn for their first gigs since 2014

Hard-Fi talk playing more reunion gigs and plans for new music

Frontman Richard Archer on their comeback show selling out in minutes, reflecting on the fame and pressure of 'Stars Of CCTV', and what's to come

Hard-Fi reunion show sells out in 10 minutes: “That is truly amazing”

The band return this October to mark the 15th anniversary of 'Stars Of CCTV'

Hard-Fi announce special London reunion gig and hint at new music

The show will be the first time the band have played live in eight years

Hard-Fi continue to tease ‘Stars Of CCTV’ anniversary gig

Hard-Fi will be making a "big announcement" later today

Hard-Fi appear to tease ‘Stars Of CCTV’ anniversary show

The band haven't performed live since 2014

The term ‘landfill indie’ is pure snobbery from people who don’t know how to have fun

The term is so sneeringly reductive it’s like your Grandad listing the relative merits of each Pokémon

Richard Archer says Hard-Fi are considering ‘Stars Of CCTV’ 15th anniversary gig

"That album has defined people’s lives and when they were growing up."