Ice Cube

6LACK speaks out over George Floyd death in powerful Twitter post

"Nothing ever prepares you for how to feel when you're constantly faced with the last dying breaths of black people"

‘The High Note’ review: glossy music industry comedy is the film equivalent of easy-listening

Dakota Johnson and Tracee Ellis Ross fight for their right to be heard, backed by an impeccable soul soundtrack

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Ice Cube wants to release ‘Last Friday’ on the 25th anniversary of the original movie

Ice Cube has revealed that he'd like to to release Last Friday, the fourth instalment of the much loved Friday series, on the 25th...

MTV and Ice Cube are bringing back ‘Celebrity Deathmatch’

Celebrity Deathmatch is being rebooted by MTV and Ice Cube. The stop-motion series - which sent up numerous celebrities by depicting them as ultra-violent wrestlers...

Listen to Ice Cube attack Donald Trump in new song ‘Arrest the President’

Ice Cube has released a new track called 'Arrest the President' which slams Donald Trump. The legendary N.W.A. rapper last released solo music back in 2010...

Dr Dre and Ice Cube win appeal in wrongful death lawsuit over Suge Knight hit and run

Dr Dre and Ice Cube have won an appeal over a wrongful death lawsuit involving Suge Knight. A California appeals court rejected a bid to...