Jeff Goldblum

Jeff Goldblum defends Woody Allen and says he would definitely work with him again

Jeff Goldblum has controversially defended Woody Allen, suggesting there is a "presumption of innocence until proven guilty” regarding the sexual abuse allegations made against...

Life finds a way: You can meet Jeff Goldblum at Glastonbury 2019

Jeff Goldblum will meeting fans after his performance at this year's Glastonbury Festival. Primarily known for his big screen appearances in blockbuster films such as...

The Big Read – Jeff Goldblum: sex and drugs and jazz piano

You've seen him in Jurassic Park and the fly. You may have posed for a selfie with the statue of him by the Thames this summer. But Jeff Goldblum has a hitherto little-known sideline as a jazz performer – and his debut album is out today. Kevin EG Perry meets Goldblum in LA to talk sex, drugs and underage jazz bar piano tinkling, and finds a man whose sense of wonder is utterly undiminished.