Jonah Hill

Jonah Hill to stop promoting his films to protect his mental health

The actor says he’s suffered from anxiety attacks for nearly 20 years, “exacerbated by media appearances and public-facing events”

Jonah Hill says Netflix complained about his “fart machine” pranks on ‘Don’t Look Up’

"Meryl Streep, being the OG legend that she is, did find it funny, which is why I ride with her any time"

Eddie Murphy and Jonah Hill set to star in new Netflix comedy

Hill has also reportedly co-written the script

Watch the bizarre first trailer for new Emma Stone and Jonah Hill-starring show ‘Maniac’

The first trailer for the upcoming new Netflix show Maniac has been released, starring Emma Stone and Jonah Hill - check out the strange...

Jonah Hill directs new Danny Brown video, watch ‘Ain’t It Funny’

Danny Brown has released his latest video 'Ain't It Funny', directed by Hollywood actor Jonah Hill. Both Brown and Hill teased the collaboration via their...