Kanye West

Kanye West loses court case to get on Wisconsin ballot

A judge ruled the state's elections commission was correct in removing the star from the ballot

Kanye West ends up in hospital due to “too much texting”

He's since hailed the powers of modern medicine

Kanye West’s Sunday Service choir appear to walk on water during latest performance

The stunt took place during the group's Fayetteville, Georgia event over the weekend

Kanye West has spent nearly £5million so far on his presidential bid

West entered the race for the White House on July 4

Kanye West has been removed from the presidential ballot in Virginia

A judge said that 11 of his 13 electors in the state "were obtained by improper, fraudulent and/or misleading means"

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Kanye West says God told him to crash Taylor Swift’s MTV VMAs speech

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The MTV VMAs 2020 were fun, but could pre-records make awards shows predictable and sterile?

The trade-off may mean reducing future moments of unscripted mayhem

Kanye West disputes claims Republicans are paying him to help Trump’s re-election

Speculation has suggested the rapper is running for US President to help take votes away from Joe Biden

Kanye West presidential campaign accused of deceiving voters for signatures to get on Virginia ballot

"I don’t want to vote for Kanye West. I only like one or two of his songs"