Kanye West

Kanye West is suing Ohio’s election chief in bid to secure a place on the presidential ballot

It comes after the rapper also recently failed to secure his place in Wyoming

Kanye West fails to secure place on presidential ballot in Wyoming

He's missed the deadline in his adopted home state.

Tech company MyChannel sues Kanye West for breach of contract

MyChannel are reportedly seeking $20million in damages

Kanye West fails to secure for presidential ballot in West Virginia

The latest blow to his beleaguered campaign.

Kanye West removed from the presidential ballot in two further states

The rapper was barred from the ballot in Wisconsin earlier today

Kanye West barred from Wisconsin presidential ballot after submitting late paperwork

A 5-1 vote against West and his campaign was carried out yesterday (August 20)

Kirsten Dunst responds to her image being used on Kanye West’s ‘2020 Vision’ poster

“What’s the message here, and why am I part of it?”

Nick Cave quashes rumour of Kanye West collaboration: “No.”

Kanye West's album was scheduled for release last month

Kanye West has qualified as a presidential candidate in Utah

Voters in the western state will be able to back Kanye come November