Kate Nash

Listen to Kate Nash’s new “tween pop anthem” ‘Imperfect’

"Please play it loud whilst applying lip gloss, white eyeliner and ironing the collar on your school shirt"

Kate Nash shares melancholic new single ‘Horsie’ and announces UK tour

"This was the first song that inspired the new record"

Kate Nash opens up about future of ‘GLOW’: “It’s never completely the end these days”

"I feel like when we're in our 50s and 60s there will be a GLOW movie"

Kate Nash on how mental health shaped her new music and the future of ‘GLOW’

"Feeling like I couldn’t do what I did anymore made me so grateful to do it," she told NME

Listen to Kate Nash’s bittersweet new single ‘Misery’

"It's about the trauma: the trauma of everything changing"

Kate Nash urges music industry to change after 2021 festival bills reveal lack of non-male acts

The star has also promised to "do everything I can with my position to make changes"

Kate Nash speaks out against streaming model: “Music is not a club for the rich”

"Music is for all & it is a real job that demands fair pay"

Mark, My Words: lockdown live-streams might be the future of music, after all

Online gigs are in their infancy. Columnist Mark Beaumont foresees a bright future

Watch Kate Nash play Metallica’s ‘Enter Sandman’ on a penny whistle

That's one way to pass the time during self-isolation

Kate Nash condemns plastic pollution in new track ‘Trash’

Kate Nash has released a track, titled ‘Trash’, that condemns environmental pollution. The singer has said she was inspired to write the song after being...