Kid Cudi

Wiz Khalifa says he’d go head-to-head with Lil Wayne and Kid Cudi in a ‘VERZUZ’ battle

“Wayne's a really dope performer,” he said, noting that their battle “would be more like a concert”

Kid Cudi to launch MOTR clothing line at Paris Fashion Week 2023

Items in the line are being “produced in Italy and parts of Europe”

Kid Cudi confirms Travis Scott collab project ‘The Scotts’ has been scrapped

“The moment has passed,” he said in reply to a fan

Kid Cudi teases upcoming collaborations with Young Thug

According to Cudi, both songs are “fuckin INSANE”, and we “have no idea”

Kid Cudi complains about “toxic” fans after pulling early version of song from SoundCloud

After a fan told Cudi they preferred a version of a song posted to his SoundCloud page in 2015 to an official version released this year, the rapper pulled it from his page

Kid Cudi promises one more album of “all new music”

It comes after the rapper recently said he was "nearing the end" of his music career

Kid Cudi says he’s “nearing the end” of his music career

The musician says he's thinking about becoming a kindergarten teacher instead

Watch Kid Cudi and Ty Dolla $ign perform ‘Willing To Trust’ on ‘Fallon’

The single is from Cudi's upcoming album 'Entergalactic'

Kid Cudi shares full ‘Entergalactic’ track list

The album will arrive alongside Cudi's new animated film of the same name this week