The KLF's Jimmy Cauty and Bill Drummond

The KLF are building a pyramid out of 34,592 dead people

The KLF have announced bizarre plans to build a pyramid with the ashes of 34,592 dead people. The Liverpool duo are constructing what they have...
Jarvis Cocker KLF

Watch Jarvis Cocker cover The KLF at the band’s own Liverpool festival

Jarvis Cocker joined the KLF at their own Liverpool festival last night (August 25) and performed his own rendition of one of their tracks. ...

The KLF announce new live event to mark their return

The KLF have further confirmed their return to action by announcing a new live event in Liverpool. The enigmatic electronic duo first came to prominence...

The KLF tease mysterious event in Liverpool

The KLF have teased a mysterious event to take place in Liverpool this summer. The duo have previously denied they are reuniting after a documentary about...

The KLF announce new book

The KLF have announced details of a new book, following recent rumours of a reunion and new music. Recently, fans grew excited after a documentary...

The KLF respond to reunion rumours with mysterious messages

The KLF have responded to rumours that they are set to reunite in 2017 - denying that they'll reform but saying that something is...

The KLF tease return to music in 2017?

The KLF have shared a documentary film and cryptic message, teasing that they may reunite to return to music in 2017. The electro pioneers split...

Deleted KLF albums appear on Amazon, iTunes and Spotify

Long lost music available to fans for first time since 1992

KLF’s Bill Drummond to make London appearance

Man who set fire to £1 million to give book talk on Thursday (Sept 18)

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