Kurupt FM

Kurupt FM announce UK tour for February 2022

The group's 'Greatest Hits Arena* Tour' won't actually visit any arenas, though

‘People Just Do Nothing’ documentary is coming to BBC

'Kurupting The Industry: The People Just Do Nothing Story' will see the cast return to reflect on the mockumentary series

Kurupt FM share their guide to award ceremony etiquette

Speaking on the red carpet of the BRITs, MC Grindah also tells us: "I almost gave birth to AJ Tracey, lyrically"

Listen to Kurupt FM team up with Craig David on new single ‘Summertime’

“This is the collaboration that summer 2021 needed and it was only right that we stepped up and provided the vibes"

‘People Just Do Nothing’ film is shooting in Japan

"Selling garage music to Japan is water off a ducks beak mate"

People Just Do Nothing’s Kurupt FM announce ‘probably’ their final tour

Kurupt FM - of People Just Do Nothing fame - have announced a string of UK dates for what will "probably" be their last...

Kurupt FM talk collaborating with Adele and ‘sleeping on a bed of fivers’ after signing new XL record deal

Kurupt FM have spoken of the honour of landing a major recording deal with XL - as well as their chances of collaborating with...