Ladyhawke: ‘People shouldn’t be scared of Asperger’s Syndrome’

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Ladyhawke is away. Like any superheroic alter ego, there’s always a high comedy moment mid-way through the second series when the Batsuit gets accidentally...


This sounds like The Human League, so it’s basically game over. At first Ladyhawke is going on about a stalker outside banging on the...


Like Keith Richards, heavy metal and the clap, the ’80s refuse to die. There’s been bands trying to revive them since about 12.30am on...

Ladyhawke announces headline UK tour

Singer set for autumn dates


Ladyhawke? Oh, she’s just fine: sitting pretty backstage, mentioning to people how made up she is to be in Spain for the first time....


Is it? Jesus! Quick, loot the Louvre! Oh, sorry, Paris isn’t ‘burning’ in a Bastille-storming, Coldplay way, but rather its dancefloors have ignited to...

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