Lamb Of God

Lamb of God release non-alcoholic beer

They are claiming to be the first band in history to release a non-alcoholic beer

Lamb of God’s founding drummer Chris Adler opens up on his exit from the band

Former Lamb of God drummer Chris Adler has issued a statement about his departure from the metal band. Read it in full below. In July,...

Lamb of God drummer and co-founder Chris Adler departs band

Lamb of God have parted ways with drummer and co-founder Chris Adler, according to an official statement put out by the band. READ MORE: The...

Listen to Lamb Of God’s Mark Morton’s collaboration with the late Chester Bennington

Lamb of God guitarist Mark Morton has released his new collaboration with the late Chester Bennington - listen to 'Cross Off' below. Ahead of releasing his...

11 songs about sobriety, from hardcore to hip-hop

It's that time of year. A big bout of December-based boozing has left you feeling like a dried out prune, and you're eyeing up...

Lamb Of God frontman Randy Blythe claims he was attacked by gang in Ireland

Metal frontman was in Dublin at time of alleged attack

Lamb Of God frontman Randy Blythe writes open letter calling for greater stage security at gigs

Singer was found not guilty in stage invader manslaughter trial in April

Lamb Of God’s Randy Blythe leaves Prague a free man, but says, ‘I am in no way happy’

Frontman was acquitted on a manslaughter charge relating to a 2010 incident