Laura Marling

Laura Marling announces debut US Tour

The 'Fee Fie Foe Fum' tour kicks off September 13

Laura Marling announces two New York shows

And her debut album gets US release date

Laura Marling to play UK church tour

Singer/songwriter will play 'holy' gigs next month

Laura Marling and Johnny Flynn

While both Laura Marling and Johnny Flynn freely admit to being heavily influenced by New York’s carefree anti-folk scene, it’s obvious that their resolute...

Laura Marling set to play influential new talent night

Singer and Team Water Polo set for next Holy Cow club

Laura Marling

Listening to ‘Ghosts’ you’d think that Laura Marling spends her days prancing around in the ruins of ancient Irish castles while tootling a pennywhistle...

Laura Marling to make US live debut

She'll stop by Club NME New York for a slot

Laura Marling to release album in ‘song box’ format

Package will contain CD, gig ticket and 'momentos'

Laura Marling barred from own gig for being too young

Singer busks on street after being asked to leave

Laura Marling

How perfectly delightful. Laura comes armed only with an acoustic (which is probably ‘battered’ – acoustics always are) and a lovely Harriet-from-The-Sundays way with...