Les Savy Fav

Les Savy Fav release ‘net only’ live album

'After The Balls Drop' due in April

Les Savy Fav

LSF know a thing or five about how to fuck about with the basics of the pop song. And praise be: ‘Patty Lee’ is...

Les Savy Fav/Future Of The Left/Los Campesinos!: Astoria, London, Sunday, February 10

The decorations are up. Crêpe-paper dragons, lanterns, garlands and parades illuminate the streets – Soho’s a carousel of buzzing colour. Admittedly all this is...

Les Savy Fav play eventful warm-up show

But what was Tim Harrington doing in the ladies?

Les Savy Fav; Scala, London, Monday October 22

There’s a man in tight, white trousers climbing up the speaker stack and, as the screaming crowd eggs him on, he’s peeling off his...

Les Savy Fav map North American dates

They'll play just a handful of dates in the coming months

Les Savy Fav: ‘Let’s Stay Friends’

Frank Carter, Simon Neil… 2007 has welcomed the unlikeliest of heroes with freshly-inked arms. Suitably, Tim Harrington, balding friar-clown lead singer with Rhode Island...