Luke Haines

Luke Haines – ‘New York In The ’70s’

After two decades picking over Britain’s cultural memory, ‘New York In The ’70s’ sees Auteurs and Black Box Recorder man Luke Haines revive an...

Luke Haines – ‘Rock N Roll Animals’

Luke Haines is one of English music’s true eccentrics. That was clear enough when he formed The Auteurs in the ’90s, but the 45-year-old...

Luke Haines announces new album plans

The '21st Century Man' also reveals tour dates

Luke Haines

While the question on everyone’s lips tonight at the Roundhouse may be “How many hats does Grace Jones actually have?” (she’s playing in the...

Luke Haines to host one-off evening in London

Auteurs man will read, play songs and answer fans' questions

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Luke Haines announces one-off show

The singer will play London later this month