Lupen Crook

Album Review: Lupen Crook – ‘Waiting For The Post-Man’

Dour as a set jawline and hard work like cleaning ovens, DIY merchant Mr Crook’s fourth is partly a cathartic exercise following the death...

Album review: Ou Est Le Swimming Pool – The Golden Year (Fire & Manoeuvre)

Oh Lord. How can you even ask me to do this? How can one do something as flippant as ascribe an arbitrary numerical value...

Album review: Lupen Crook – The Pros And Cons Of Eating Out (Beast Beauty)

Poor old Lupen Crook. Despite toiling away for the past five years, the singer’s managed to resolutely bypass every musical ‘scene’; too weird for...

Lupen Crook announce UK tour and ticket details

Medway band set to release new album in October

Lupen Crook And The Murderbirds announce free charity EP

'Curse Of The Mirror Wicked' aims to help mental health charity YoungMinds

Lupen Crook And The Murderbirds give away new five-track EP

'Great Fears & Curious Predictions' is available to download from the band's website

Lupen Crook And The Murderbirds

When ghoulish folk fiend Lupen Crook first crawled from the underworld he stalked alone on the brilliantly theatrical single ‘Halloween’, armed only with his...

Bands confirmed for Leeds festival

Nastyfest VI heading for September