Meat Loaf

Meat Loaf reportedly suing hotel after stage fall left him hospitalised for 42 days

The incident occurred at a horror convention last May

Meat Loaf reportedly breaks collarbone after falling off stage

Meat Loaf reportedly suffered a broken collarbone after he fell off a stage during a speaking engagement in Texas over the weekend. The 71-year-old 'Bat...

Meat Loaf is going on tour, but won’t be singing at all

Meat Loaf is heading back on tour with the catch that the singer will be doing no actual singing. The tour will be called...

US Senators use Meat Loaf lyrics to debate economic growth bill

US Senators have quoted Meat Loaf lyrics in a debate over the Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief, and Consumer Protection Act. The bill was the...

Meatloaf gives health update following on-stage collapse

Meat Loaf has issued a health update following his collapse on stage during a gig in Canada earlier this year. The US singer - real...

Meat Loaf is now on a diet and fitness regime following collapse

"I didn’t want to stand there until I just fainted and cracked my skull open"

Health update issued after Meat Loaf collapses on stage mid-song during gig

Singer was reportedly rushed to hospital after incident in Edmonton