Meek Mill

Watch Drake reconcile Meek Mill at recent Philadelphia gig

2023 marks five years since the two reconciled in Boston after their legendary rap feud, putting out the monster rap classic 'Going Bad'

Meek Mill apologises after filming music video in Ghanaian presidential palace

The rapper said he never “meant to disrespect the people of Ghana”, following backlash around a music video set within the president's official home and office

Meek Mill posts bail for 20 incarcerated women

The rapper helped the women who had been jailed in Philadelphia reunite with their families for Christmas

California bill limiting use of rap lyrics as evidence in court becomes law

Assembly Bill 2799—also known as the Decriminalizing Artistic Expression Act – was signed into law last Friday

Jay-Z helped 21 Savage get released from ICE custody

“Jay-Z ain’t just doing that shit for anybody”

Meek Mill asks “big homie” Elon Musk to let him invest in Twitter

"Elon musk let us invest in Twitter with you big homie"

Drill rap videos used by Bronx police to arrest 20 alleged gang members in ‘Operation Drilly’

"If you YouTube some of their videos, you can see that they call people out directly"

Meek Mill accuses Atlantic Records of “blackballing” his latest album and “taking advantage” of artists

"They outsmarting young black kids taking advantage and calling it business!"

Jay-Z, Meek Mill and more push for law that would stop New York prosecutors using rap lyrics as evidence

If passed, prosecutors would be required to provide "clear and convincing evidence" that lyrics cited as evidence are "literal, rather than figurative or fictional"

Meek Mill set to release final instalment of ‘Dreamchasers’ as an NFT

The fifth and final edition of his mixtape series will be accessible via a loyalty club arriving January 1