Live Review: The Great Escape 2009

Brighton has always, generally speaking, been a completely useless place. Apart from, that is, providing a fertile turf on which to have what is...

Metronomy, Chairlift, The Cocknbullkid, Micachu

Did you hear that? That was the Shockwaves NME Awards going pop, albeit messily. Don’t worry if you didn’t, listen closer… That ringing you hear...

Metronomy added to Snowside Festival line-up

The band will head out to the Austrian Alps this April

Underage Festival Christmas Special line-up announced

Metronomy, Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip, Golden Silvers on the bill at London gig


Know a musician partial to a bit of slap-bass wankery? Give them a slap from us – unless they’re one of these Brit electro...


What constitutes a 9/10 album review? In a week where there are two outstanding British releases, it’s certainly a question worth posing. Guidelines point...

Metronomy for Jack Daniels Birthday NME Radio session

Metronomy for Jack Daniels Birthday NME Radio session


You’re illegal immigrants!” crows one wise-crackin’ Brooklynite. He’s right, though. Before the gig has even started, Devonshire via London dance-dudes Metronomy have officially outstayed...

Metronomy announce one-off London show

Joseph Mount set to play the capital in July

Metronomy; Adventures In The Beetroot Field Vs Walk The Night, Amersham Arms, Saturday January 12

“Get off the stage, you ugly cunts!” You’d expect this lingo from Gallows’ tattooed head honcho Frank Carter post-onstage skull-cracking injury, not from the...