Micachu & The Shapes – ‘Good Sad Happy Bad’

Mica Levi often seems like a mad scientist: an oddball who’s happiest tinkering away in her lab and making strange noises with her even stranger machines, using household props like vacuum cleaners and bizarre homemade instruments with her band The Shapes. In 2013, she unveiled her weirdest creation yet. Her BAFTA-nominated, European Film Award-winning score for Jonathan Glazer’s acclaimed...

Micachu & The Shapes – Soup Kitchen, Manchester, Tuesday, July 28

Ever since Micachu & The Shapes’ 2009 debut ‘Jewellery’ tore up pop’s rulebook – and then sampled the vacuum cleaner that hoovered it up – the Surrey trio have explored ever more esoteric terrain. It’s been three years since second album ‘Never’ (during which time Mica Levi earned a Bafta nod for scoring 2013 sci-fi horror Under The Skin)...

Micachu And The Shapes – ‘Never’

Mica Levi’s 2009 debut ‘Jewellery’ was a gourmet dog’s dinner of pots-and-pans glitch-pop, an utter cacophony of greatness produced by Matthew Herbert. Since then she’s made a couple of mixtapes with Kwes under the obvious but excellent name Kwesachu, and a live album, ‘Chopped & Screwed’, with the London Sinfonietta, featuring a host of homemade instruments. But her return...

Micachu And The Shapes – ‘OK’

Come the glorious revolution of 2062, when purveyors of sonic war crimes are incarcerated in the Tower Of London, there’ll be a bronze bust of Mica Levi in the Natural Museum Of Pop Treasures. ‘OK’, from her and the Shapes’ forthcoming newbie ‘Never’, will be her proudest moment: a wonky, warped nursery-rhyme that’s giddier than last year’s ‘Chopped And...

Micachu And The Shapes announce release of new album ‘Never’

The follow up to 2009's 'Jewellery' is out on July 23

Album Review: Micachu & The Shapes and London Sinfonietta present:

When Houston’s DJ Screw started downing ‘purple drank’ (a recreational drug based on prescription-strength cough syrup) he wasn’t to know what effect it would have upon his life and legacy. A popular elixir within the South’s hip-hop community, it slowed down the brain’s activity and inspired sounds to match. Drank helped inspire and inform Screw’s signature down-tempo ‘chopped and...

Micachu & The Shapes, Polar Bear for Love Music: Help Haiti gig

Proceeds from show to go to the earthquake-hit country

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