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Actor. Director. Inbetweener

Morrissey hits back at “cancel vultures” suggesting Miley Cyrus dropped off collab due to his political views

He also denied the notion that he subscribes to far right politics, insisting he is apolitical

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The pop star was previously announced as a guest vocalist on the as-yet-unreleased new album

Morrissey announces recording of new album ‘Without Music The World Dies’

"The songs, of course, are magnificent," Morrissey said

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Pop singer and presenter, gets mistaken for Justin Timberlake by his mum

Morrissey: “Diversity means conformity – it’s a terrible word”

"Pin it to anything and that situation is finished," said the singer when discussing diversity in art and culture

Iggy Pop talks working with Andrew Watt on new Morrissey song

Watt's "ability to play and sing with exceptional timing, pitch and tonality" was a particular draw

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Morrissey says he’s already written the “follow-up” to new album ‘Bonfire Of Teenagers’

The former Smiths frontman also shared his views on social media criticism levelled against people like J.K. Rowling