Mr Hudson & The Library

Mr Hudson feels the ‘Jay-Z’ effect at Chicago gig for Kanye West

Brit singer's turn on 'The Blueprint 3' brings out the crowd at label show

Kanye West protégé Mr Hudson makes US debut

The singer battles illness at Los Angeles premiere

Kanye West joins Mr Hudson onstage at London iTunes gig

Kid Cudi also makes an appearance the iTunes Live: London Festival '09 gig

Mr Hudson & The Library: A Tale Of Two Cities

A Beaujolais-glugging, trilby-sporting Oxbridge graduate, Ben Hudson makes no secret of the fact he’s posher than a teenage Donny Tourette taking tea at Leo...

Mr Hudson & The Library

With Jonny Greenwood on a Trojan compilation and Damon Albarn skanking along in The Good, The Bad & The Queen, it’s clearly the season...