My Chemical Romance

My Chemical Romance defend ‘Cancer’ track

Gerard Way calls it ‘the darkest song ever’

My Chemical Romance score first UK Number One single

The Killers stay on top in the album chart too

My Chemical Romance: The Black Parade

You may want to sit down. We have some very upsetting news. My Chemical Romance are dead. And so is their friend 'The Patient'....

My Chemical Romance play eventful instore

Towers Of London cause incident at London show

My Chemical Romance to play surprise show

You could see them play tiny show this week

My Chemical Romance plan spring tour

The five piece take 'The Black Parade' on the road

My Chemical Romance: Welcome To The Black Parade

We seem to have been getting all worked up about My Chemical Romance’s grand new concept and Gerard’s grand new hair for so...

My Chemical Romance reveal album tracklisting

'The Black Parade’s secrets start to emerge

My Chemical Romance: Hammersmith Palais, London; Tuesday, August 22

"I’m so excited!” squeals Nicki in the queue tonight. “They’re my favourite band ever!” chirps her boyfriend Mike. “Hey! Is that an aftershow pass?”...

My Chemical Romance announce tour

They bring ‘The Black Parade’ to the UK