Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds

Nick Cave responds to fan who misses his anger: “Things changed after my first son died”

“For better or for worse, the rage you speak of lost its allure and, yes, perhaps I became a Hallmark card hippie”

Nick Cave shares his views on joy: “I choose to be an optimist through a kind of necessity”

"If we do not look for joy, search for it, reach deep for it, what are we saying about the world?"

Nick Cave calls ChatGPT and AI songwriting “a grotesque mockery of what it is to be human”

The Bad Seeds singer isn't impressed with the AI chatbot service

Nick Cave starts work on new Bad Seeds album and shares early lyrics

“Nearly a week has passed and I’ve written a few things but they aren’t very good, or maybe they are”

Nick Cave shares the story behind “great love song” ‘Night Raid’

The track appeared on the Bad Seeds album ‘Ghosteen’

Nick Cave says he’ll still listen to Kanye West, who he says has made “the most interesting, challenging, bold music”

It comes after Cave declared the rapper to be “the greatest artist of our generation”

Nick Cave says death of his son Arthur inspired Earl Cave to pursue acting

Earl, who stars in 'Days Of The Bagnold Summer', found a "weird sense of purpose" in the wake of his twin brother's passing

Nick Cave confirms plans to write a new album

"It's about a man sitting down in his space and confronting a complete lack of ideas about things"

Nick Cave says ‘Blonde’ is his favourite film of all time

Cave and Warren Ellis recorded the soundtrack for the Marilyn Monroe biopic

Nick Cave shares previously-unseen ‘Earthlings’ performance

The clip is an outtake from Cave and Warren Ellis' 2022 film 'This Much I Know To Be True'