Nick Drake

Nick Drake’s estate agrees global publishing deal for his back catalogue

Gabrielle Drake, the sister of the late musician, said that she had done "her best to protect my brother's legacy" for nearly 50 years

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First authorised Nick Drake biography to be published this autumn

The book release will mark the 40th anniversary of the folk artist's death

Nick Drake rarities removed from auction following ownership challenge

Lawyers representing the late singer's estate dispute Beverly Martyn's claim she is the legal owner of demo tapes

Six previously unheard Nick Drake recordings up for auction

They are expected to make at least £250,000

Unheard Nick Drake song ‘Reckless Jane’ appears online – listen

The cult songwriter's collaboration with folk singer Beverley Martyn was written just months before his death in 1974

Nick Drake classic ‘Bryter Layter’ to be re-released in limited edition box set

Producer Joe Boyd also to present a tribute gig and live CD