Nicki Minaj

Rose McGowan says she “stands with Nicki Minaj” following COVID vaccine controversy

Minaj has faced a backlash over her vaccine claims, with England's Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty saying the rapper should be "ashamed"

Anti-vax protesters rally outside CDC in Atlanta, citing Nicki Minaj’s vaccine tweets

The organisation believed to have led the protests has a history of spreading vaccine misinformation

Nicki Minaj hits back at White House after they deny invitation claims

Officials claim she was simply offered a call

Nicki Minaj: every album ranked and rated

It's worth reminding ourselves of the rapper's immeasurable contribution to music

Nicki Minaj says her Twitter account was suspended for spreading COVID misinformation

“I’m in Twitter jail y’all. They didn’t like what I was saying over there on that block"

Trinidad & Tobago Health Minister shuts down Nicki Minaj’s vaccine claims

The rapper tweeted that her cousin's friend had been left impotent after being vaccinated against COVID-19

Anthony Fauci says there is “no evidence” to Nicki Minaj’s COVID vaccine claims

The scientist also said Minaj "should be thinking twice" about spreading misinformation

Nicki Minaj told she “should be ashamed” by Chris Whitty over vaccine impotence tweet

Prime Minister Boris Johnson added that he is "not familiar with the works of Nicki Minaj"

Nicki Minaj says she will get COVID-19 vaccine “once I feel I’ve done enough research”

The rapper says she's avoiding public appearances out of concern for her infant son's health, and that "if I get vaccinated it won’t [be] for the Met [Gala]"