Panic! add an extra London date

The UK can’t get enough of the emo-pop stars

Ex-Panic! bassist attacks former band

Split not as amicable as first claimed

Panic! At The Disco set for UK return

The Las Vegas outfit are playing two dates at Brixton

Panic! At The Disco split with bassist

Brent Wilson leaves the band

Panic! At The Disco: Carling Academy, Newcastle: Friday, April 21

Tell me then, Newcastle,” implores Panic! At The Disco singer Brendon Urie, motioning towards his cutie-pie guitar foil Ryan Ross. “Is this guy a fine specimen of a man or what?” The cacophony of pubescent screams that follow are so ear-explodingly shrill, that somewhere, Gareth Gates looks up from his place in the dole queue and bursts into tears....

Panic! At The Disco: But It’s Better If You Do

Better if you do what, oh Messers Disco? Better if you do more exercise? Better if you do as I say and don’t do as I do? Or maybe it’s just better if you lace our brave new age of emotional popcore with the full-throttle drama of the dancefloor and the glitterball. The clue, as is so often the...

Panic! At The Disco reveal new tour

The Las Vegas four-piece plan a massive US jaunt

Panic! At The Disco hit the UK

They're about to release their first single proper too

Panic! At The Disco Bowery Ballroom, New York, Wednesday February 8

Panic! At the Disco – a Vegas-based group of synth-pop meets dance-punk heartthrobs – may be young, but they’ve already established the kind of frenzied adolescent fanbase that translates to gazillions of records sold. As the lights dim tonight, NME hears a chorus of screams unleashed by overwhelmed girls with serrated haircuts and regulation backpacks before Panic! singer Brendon...

Panic! At The Disco top NME chart

Emo boys knock Maximo off the top