Parkway Drive on working through grief: ‘There’s no handbook to deal with this stuff....

The metalcore dons have released a new tour documentary, 'Viva the Underdogs', and accompanying live album

We went to Bloodstock in search of the best time that heavy metal had...

Not as big as Download, but still the most fun you can have with a pot of corpse paint in a field, Bloodstock has...

Parkway Drive – ‘Reverence’ Review

Once the party-starting surfer bros of modern metal, Parkway Drive have been forced to grow up fast on ‘Reverence’. Plagued by a multitude of...
Parkway Drive

Parkway Drive drop epic new single and video for ‘Prey’

Parkway Drive have released a new single and video for 'Prey' today (April 24). 'Prey' precedes the Australian band's upcoming sixth album 'Reverence', which is out...
Code Orange

The bands shaping the future of heavy music

Few groups come as burdened by stereotype as the metalhead. From long, scraggly hair, beards and dirty denim, to  back-patches and boozing, they’re a...

Parkway Drive announce November UK tour – ticket details

Australian metallers schedule four UK shows for later this year

Parkway Drive announce April UK tour – ticket details

Australian hardcore band follow Sonisphere set with four spring dates

Parkway Drive discuss ‘bigger’ new album at Sonisphere

Band also give update on guitarist Luke 'Pig' Kilpatrick, who played Knebworth set from a wheelchair

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Aussie metallers get wet for latest track from 'Deep Blue'