Peter, Bjorn and John

Kanye wants Peter, Bjorn & John as backing band

Rap star wants Swedes to play onstage

Peter, Bjorn and John map mini-US tour

The Swedes continue their US assault

Peter, Bjorn and John invite guests on stage in New York

Au Revoir Simone and Dirty On Purpose play with Swedes

Peter Bjorn And John

These delicious Swedes cooked up surprise sleeper hit ‘Young Folks’ last year, and there’s more scratchy heart-pop where that little treacle came from. Like...

Peter Bjorn and John team up with Fujiya & Miyagi

They're set to tour North America together this spring

Peter, Bjorn and John gear up for US tour

The venues are a little bigger this time

Peter Bjorn and John wrap up US tour in LA

Charlatans, Hot Hot Heat men join in the fun

Peter Bjorn And John ready re-release of first two albums

Self-titled debut and 'Falling Out' hit the UK

Peter, Bjorn And John album to get US release

'Writer’s Block' will come out in February

Peter, Bjorn and John announce New York shows

The young folks will play two intimate gigs