Phil Spector

Phil Spector appealing to US Supreme Court over murder conviction

Producer heading to America's highest court to fight jail sentence

Phil Spector denied appeal against murder conviction

Producer is told he cannot appeal again over his 19-year prison sentence

Al Pacino to play Phil Spector in HBO TV movie

Plus Bette Midler is being lined up for film based on murder trial

Phil Spector murder conviction appeal rejected

Judges insist the producer received a fair trial

Phil Spector’s lawyers launch fresh appeal against murder conviction

Legal team call for third trial on the grounds of prejudice

Phil Spector to release album with wife Rachelle Short

Album was recorded before producer was sent to prison

Phil Spector appealing murder conviction on grounds of judicial error

Producer also claiming prosecutorial misconduct

Charles Manson asks Phil Spector to collaborate in jail

Mass murderer wanted to hook up with convicted producer

Phil Spector demands iPod for new prison cell

The famed producer wants to hear music in his new den

Phil Spector ‘treated worse than an animal’ in jail

Convicted producer's wife breaks silence