Phil Spector

Phil Spector sentenced to 19 years to life for actress’ murder

The famed producer must also pay her family restitution fees

Phil Spector faces murder sentencing today (May 29)

The producer says he plans to appeal

Phil Spector seeks sentence reduction

Lawyers argue that 'sentence enhancement' is excessive

Phil Spector found guilty of second-degree murder

Court case verdict could mean life in prison

Jury reaches verdict in Phil Spector murder retrial

Long-awaited outcome to be announced today (April 13)

Prosecutor says Phil Spector has ‘conscious disregard for human life’

Five-month retrial is at closing arguments stage

Defence rests in Phil Spector murder retrial

Testimony of prosecution's star witness is called into question

Phil Spector jury tours scene of actress’ death

The jurors view blood-soaked evidence at producer's mansion

Phil Spector jury gets permission to tour his mansion

A gurgling fountain could play a key role in producer's defence

Prosecution rests its case in Phil Spector murder retrial

Murder victim's mother gives final testimony