Pull Tiger Tail

Pull Tiger Tail to kick of 2008 with club gig

Band line up intimate show tomorrow (Jan 4)

The Insomniacs Ball returns with Pull Tiger Tail

London club night back on after postponement

Pull Tiger Tail

Quite why Pull Tiger Tail are not already headlining stadiums around the world and going for an audience with the Pope on a weekly...

Pull Tiger Tail play environmental gig

Guillemots sign up for charity show too

Pull Tiger Tail announce ‘secret’ gig

Band warm-up for Topman NME New Music Tour with London show

Pull Tiger Tail

“Aren’t you sick of being automatic?” ask PTT. Of course we are. We’re also tired of hearing the same old verse-chorus-verse played by boring,...

MySpace Bleep Bleep Tour: On the Road with Pull Tiger Tail

Standing in a venue where the kids are wearing tiger masks isn't your average gig-going experience. Not unless you have an irrational fixation...

Pull Tiger Tail/Ali Love/Hadouken!: MySpace Bleep Bleep Tour, ULU, London; Sunday, March 18

We might be wrong, but we’re betting that ULU has seen nothing like the MySpace Bleep Bleep Tour before. A venue normally reserved for...

Pull Tiger Tail and Hadouken! set for tour

The Bleep Bleep Tour heads for 10 cities

Pull Tiger Tail: Mr 100 Percent

Bands, eh? Buy ’em a leather jacket and an electric guitar and nine times out of 10 they’ll be convinced they’re Mick’n’Keef’n’Liam’n’ Noel’n’Carl’n’Pete rolled...