Pure X

Pure X: “People are bonding all over the world as victims of oppression”

The cult Texas quartet returned in May with their first album together since 2014's 'Angel'

Pure X make comeback with first album in six years – listen to two new songs

'Fantasy' and 'Middle America' are the band’s first new tracks since their break

Pure X – ‘Angel’

Pure X used to be a drone-rock band. Following 2013’s fractured ‘Crawling Up The Stairs’, ‘Angel’ shows the Texans taking another step away from...

Pure X – ‘Crawling Up The Stairs’

It's rare to hear a songwriter as open as Nate Grace is on 'Crawling Up The Stairs'. Texan trio Pure X's second album doesn't...

Pure X – ‘Things In My Head’

In this first cut from their second album, the Texan three-piece veer away from their noise-drenched debut to focus on their songwriting. Don’t worry,...