Roots Manuva, We Are Scientists added to Camden Crawl line-up

New Young Pony Club, Sugababes, Lostprophets also added to bill

Roots Manuva to host London club nights

Rapper set to appear at four nights starting Jan 22

Roots Manuva, Master Shortie, Ebony Bones

It’s the NME Award Shows’ moment to, as Master Shortie puts it, “give some noise for UK hip-hop”, but down at KOKO, Camden’s Twiglet pseudo-urchins are having some trouble krumping in their winkle-pickers. Still, there’s no need for Shortie to rub it in by singing ‘Dance Like A White Boy’ with such glee. It’s his fault the spotty white bums...

James Blunt and Roots Manuva collaboration is on

Acts are serious about working together

Roots Manuva

As the Bible has shown us, saviours tend to have a rough innings. By the time Rodney Smith was getting used to his ‘Brit-hop’s Second Coming’ mantle, a grimy cloud was already looming. While the Martian club-dub of breakthrough anthem ‘Witness (1 Hope)’ rang louder than any UK rap forerunner, his croaky tones were quickly drowned out by the...

Roots Manuva wants to work with James Blunt

Rapper isn't joking about working with 'what's his name?'

Roots Manuva announces UK tour

Jaunt supports new 'Slime And Reason' album

Roots Manuva

He might have invented grime, but to youthful ears Roots Manuva will resemble nothing more than a ragga Hadouken!. Yes, we’re trapped in a knackered 1983 Asteroids machine while Roots speed-raps about being buff, getting buff stuff and all-round buffitude in general. Sad, really, that a pioneer can become so influential that he ends up like a new-rave Shaggy....

Roots Manuva announces new album details

The rapper will release a new record in August

Roots Manuva to release new album

‘Alternately Deep’ set for March 13